About Us

Bette & Melvyn WolfFor the last few years clients have been asking us where our website was. We decided to go modern and finally developed this site. We hope you like it and find what we offer user friendly.

We started collecting American Pewter in the 1960’s and still have not stopped. We began selling pewter, American, British, and Continental, and to a lesser degree other base metals in 1974, exhibiting at our first antiques show in 1975.

We never have had a “shop” but always exhibited at antiques shows and have an active business through the mail and by phone. Currently we exhibit in Tennessee, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. We advertise in the Maine Antiques Digest and The Newtown Bee. We display more pewter at an antiques show than any other dealer. We maintain an active “want” list for those looking for something special.

We love pewter and it shows. We are the only husband and wife who have served as Presidents of the Pewter Collectors Club of America (PCCA). Mel was one of few given honorary membership by the club…we both still remain active on the Board of Governors of the PCCA, with Mel serving longer than anyone else on the board; some thirty nine years.

We have authored more than 100 articles in the PCCA Bulletin. Mel’s articles on American Measures, Lamps, Chalices, Candlesticks, Porringers, etc. still remain as a standard. Besides being members of the PCCA we are also members of the Pewter Society (British Pewter Collectors) and members of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealer Association. In 2006 we authored our book, An American Pewter Collection, a limited edition, which has been well received. It is the best book for identification of American Pewter. There are over 500 pictures, clear and large. There are many comments about pewter interspersed throughout the book. It is a must for any pewter collector. Auction houses seem to like it and use it frequently for identification of American Pewter.

With all this in mind we established our website and hope you will like it. If you have any questions, just give us a call or email us at b.m.wolf@att.net. We are noted for our knowledge and integrity. You will enjoy dealing with us.

Bette and Mel Wolf