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On one occasion many years ago, Ledlie Laughlin purchased a rare piece of Philadelphia pewter at an antiques shop in Philadelphia. The shop owner had been aware of Laughlin’s position as a pewter authority, but commented that he had not been able to afford Laughlin’s book, Pewter in America. Mr. Laughlin answered that had the dealer owned the book he would have known the rarity of the piece he had just sold to Laughlin for a pittance of its value.

A collector cannot have too many books on pewter. A picture here or there can help identify many pieces. Many of the best books on pewter are no longer in print.

We offer books on occasion, not as book collectors but as references on pewter.


Guide to American Pewter by Carl Jacobs

This book is great in finding and identifying marks of American pewters. While the price guide portion of the book is out of date, it still shows relative values.

Price $65

Pewter in America by Ledlie Laughlin

These books are from 1940 and original. They are complete with hard case. The information here about the pewterers is timeless. Only 1500 copies were printed. A must for any collector of American pewter. We also have additional books available but without the hard case and at lower prices depending on condition.

Price $100

American Pewter in the Collection of Dr. & Mrs. Melvyn D. Wolf

This catalogue is from the 1973 exhibition at the Flint Institute of Arts in Flint, MI. It is out of print. It has a soft cover with 40 pages.

Price $25

Collecting American Pewter by Katherine Ebert

This 1973 hard cover book on American pewter is an easy read.

Price $20

British Pewter & Britannia Metal for Pleasure and Investment by Christopher Peal

This hard cover book by Christopher Peal from 1971 is a good reference on British pewter.

Price SOLD

American Pewter by J.B. Kerfoot

Early collectors learned much from this book. Other later reprints available at $15.

$40 – 1924 1st edition
$25 – 1942 reprint in hard cover

Connecticut Pewter and Pewterers by John Carl Thomas

This 1976 book is new and in unopened box. It is the most informative book on Connecticut pewter in print. Since half of all American pewter is from Connecticut, this is a worthwhile book with many pictures.

Price $40