Set of 5 Boardman Pewter Measures


This set consists of a ½ gallon, quart, pint, ½ pint, and gill. It is 19th Century. All the sealer’s initials are located on the lip of the measures. The gallon is marked “1847” and we can only read the first initial of “S.” The quart, which has the Boardman & Hart mark, shows two different dates and sealer’s initials with “JHE” & “EBO” with dates of “1847” and “1855.” The pint also has the Boardman & Hart mark. It has the initials “ADF” and “1843.” These measures come from the Swain sale of 2007. The ½ pint has the initials “LBO” and “1844.” The gill has two sets of dates “1851” and “1852” but we can’t make out the first initial “?D.”